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The Magnolia Youth Lacrosse program began in December of 2009 with 8 boys who came out to a camp to give lacrosse a try. Those 8 boys quickly turned into 25 by the start of school in January. The team joined the Greater Houston Youth Lacrosse Association 7th grade division and began playing in February of 2010. Even though the team had only been practicing for such a short time, they took the league by storm and made the playoffs in their first season. The association has expanded quite a bit since then and continues to grow at an astounding pace. If you have any interest in pursuing this sport, and you live in our area, we welcome you to come check us out!


Team Information
Teams: 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th,5th- 6th, 7th and 8th grade (If our numbers get too large
we have the option of splitting the teams in each age group. We can
enter as many teams as we like in the league. It is our hope in the
future that we can form our own young guns league here in Magnolia.)

League: Greater Houston Youth Lacrosse Association
Our team will play in the north division (Woodlands, Kingwood, Cy-Fair, Klein,
and Katy).

Games: We will play a 12-14 game schedule.
Most games will be played on Saturdays with a few weeknight games.
Our home field will be the MYFA fields.

Practice: 2 nights a week 6pm-8pm and Saturday mornings.
Once games start we will meet 3 times a week.
(1 game 2 practices or 2 games and 1 practice)

Season: Games will start the first of February and the playoffs are
complete the last week of April.

Equipment: Helmets, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and mouth guards
(~$200.00 - $225.00) On the day of sign-ups we will have someone
from our equipment supplier out to fit all the boys for their
equipment. Equipment should last 3-4 years, helmets will last 4-5